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Shoreline On Line LLC/CWB Services LLC

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Victim Location 30256 style of a fraud financial obligation Collections

On March 9, I was gotten a call from Casey Hart (855) 207-6449 ext. 426 from Shoreline on the web LLC regarding a quick payday loan that|loan that is payday} ended up being taken out before 2012 and asked the way I desired to spend. She was told by me i’ve removed such loan nor have actually we requested any loans at any time. She continues to offer an incident and/or reference quantity and states that i can dispute the claim with the judge when they send me to court that I am not to file a dispute with her. Inturn, I inquired and all sorts of information and paperwork regarding this loan and of any kind of things with this ” ” loan. she’s got no responses and will not mail any such thing she’s been telling .

The lender she states we took the mortgage down with claims i’ve NEVER applied for loans that are such any loans for example.

We have not received any letters within the mail regarding this loan, yet, Casey Hart insists I’ve gotten mail and/or just about any paperwork with this specific loan. Sorry, but We have not keep ANY papers with regards to loans and anything transactions for instance. there are not any loans papers or mail of all kinds. I’ve speak to a few representatives about that company and they are wanting to gather cash from me whenever I owe no loans or debts of any sort. The representatives at my bank did an intensive search throughout my account through the time we exposed a free account they do not see any “so called” loans and there has been NO deposits from any CWB Services LLC companies with them and up to today (March 9, 2016.

The mortgage quantity in question that we am being asked for is $390. https://personalbadcreditloans.net/reviews/lendup-loans-review/ Approximately a couple of months ago, we received the same call but from National Principal Group for a financial loan of $600-$700 which was removed in addition due to the fact $390 loan that is payday. Both businesses could maybe not and wouldn’t normally offer sufficient information. They asked for my SSN and I also will never offer it. I’ve maybe not heard right back from nationwide Principal Group I told them to go ahead with taking me to court since they threatened with a lawsuit and. Now, i’m having the same issue and risk with Casey Hart from Shoreline Online LLC, for which i’ve discovered no outcomes with this business except they are affiliated and/or a branch of CWB Services LLC just like National Principal Group for it being a collection scam and. She additionally produced remark that is threatening my banking account could be frozen until they manage to get thier cash. This would not settle well called my bank to see with this. Using the representatives within my bank once you understand what’s happening, they suggested we use a Stop Pay because of this business in the event they are doing make an effort to freeze my accounts and simply take cash without authorization or my once you understand.

we would like this provider investigated when I’ve seen a couple of where others have now been contacted by them and attempted money that is collecting a loan which was never ever sent applications for. Also, i’d like me off the call list, yet, they continue to do so if they did not call anymore as I’ve already told CWB, National Principal Group, and their affiliates to stop calling and to take.

I really do not need my name posted for general public, very first name will be able to work. Try not to list phone or email# for public. I have copied this report for my documents.

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